006: And so we stood against the HORDE, insanity alive, blood and blood and blood expressed in quick and quicker strokes.

Foreword to The Encyclopedia of High Modernity, Volume III

The turn of the millennium was a time of both admirable progress and intense pain. We set foot on the moon for the first time. We lept from a disconnected set of countries to a global society bound together by copper wire and beams of light. Yet our sins also coalesced into their very worst incarnation. With one hand we advocated for the empowerment of dozens of oppressed group, and with the other we clawed our way into publicly mandated fascist nationalia. We developed clean energy sources while fighting wars for access to crude oil. Like the rest of our history, our success walked hand in hand with our subjugation.

Now the year is 2318, and the problems of yesterday seem distant in hindsight. Climate change, starvation, nuclear war—all kinds of injustice relegated to these encyclopedias. Mankind has broken itself, beaten out the base inclinations that for so long we struggled with: Greed, Envy, Wrath. Now we are civilized, because we did away with the one thing that made us savage.

We have killed lack, and turned our cities into lands of milk and honey.

No longer do children go hungry because their parents can’t provide. There is no want for warmth or shelter. Every student has a seat at the finest institution our society has to offer. Even the urban sprawl has been perfected: we subjugate the land, yes, but we have carved out our place cleanly and efficiently. We have left space for nature to return.

And we owe it all to Faith; the blade with which we cut away the rot of our past. And I don’t mean faith in anything higher, no, I’ll leave that to the Church of the King. We clawed our way to safety on something much better: faith in each other. A set of Domains with which we could make the world right, if only because we believed we could.

I have faith that the retelling of history in these pages will give us the perspective we need to continue moving forward. It will allow us to see where our kind has fallen short, and why the Faithful Domains bring us closer to perfection. Together we shall rise above our old story.

Cinderella Vargas-Nightly

Curator, The Sandalwood Domain

Don’t you know it Kay? According to the princess we live in the damn sweetest utopia to ever grace God’s grey Earth. Seems like Cinderella forgot where she was a few years back, before Sandalwood took her on. Something tells me she isn’t going to be so idealistic after we drag her back down through the mud. That shitty grin oughta wipe off her face faster than an eight bit ink.

Will we take a Faith hit too? Probably. But it’s not like we have much to lose anyway.

See you soon,